With over 35 years collectively in the Architectural Salvage & Reclamation business, London Reclaimed Flooring has gained a vast knowledge in all types of reclaimed flooring.

Our staff can offer their friendly and expert service from the first point of contact to the last when we deliver our quality products to you.

Welcome to london reclaimed flooringOur premises are conveniently located within 15 miles from Central London just on the outskirts of North London which enables easy viewings and delivery arrangements of our products.

Specialising in lifting & removing all types of reclaimed flooring from a wide range of period properties gives us the advantage of sourcing high quality flooring which intern benefits our clients. These clients range from small home projects, conservation, shops, restaurants & bars to architects and designers.

Reclaimed flooring not only enhances your home or project but is an essential part to the ecological and environmental concerns.